Cooks & Soldiers first appeared on my radar one night when they appeared on OpenTable, with a reservation available in West Midtown.  I had never heard of them and had no idea where they were.  And I honestly don’t believe that they were actually open the first time that I saw them there.  On the […]


Today, after another heartbreaking GT basketball loss, I needed comforting.  I chose to seek solace in a burger and, as I had been wanting to go to Little’s Food Store for a while – this was the perfect confluence of “need” and opportunity.  This little grocery and grill in Cabbagetown has received recent press when […]


About two months ago, our daughter was telling us about this wonderful new place that had opened around the corner from them that was like Asian fondue.  When we were visiting today, and arrived just before lunch, she suggested that we try Splendid Shabu.  We entered a restaurant that was about half filled with tables […]


I had not heard of Mamak until I saw Bill Addison’s article before Christmas about where he refers folks to go to when they ask him where to eat in Atlanta.  So last week, when Grant asked if we’d like to meet them and Leslie there on Sunday night, I queried she-who-keeps-the-calendar and then said […]


I’d like to start this post with a big “thank you” to Atlanta Magazine.  In August of 2006 you published “101 Favorite Restaurants” (which was actually 124) and gave eating out a goal.  You see, I’m a goal oriented guy and “checking things off a list” works for me.  More than eight years later, I’m […]


Sometime after Christmas, I was told that I was in charge of New Year’s Eve plans for our party of six.  I immediately went to Google looking for options, then searched open table for available reservations.  One of the options that came up was for Union Hill kitchen in Chamblee.  We had seen executive chef […]


Last month, when we visited Fred’s Meat and Bread, while we were in line Jo was eying the menu and counter at Yalla, a fast-fresh Mediteranean / contemporary Israeli foodstand.  Yalla is a next door neighbor and sister restaurant to Fred’s, and another restaurant from Todd Ginsberg.  The menu is quite simple – you can […]


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