Heading out for lunch on lone wolf Thursday, I was looking for something new. I headed down Pleasant Hill Road towards 29, a stretch of road on which I usually don’t drive.  Then I saw the sign above, with a banner underneath it that said that they were now open seven days a week, and […]


Quite a while back (two years, apparently, as I looked for the link), we had a great dinner at Gu’s Bistro and I recommended it to several folks.   Then I heard they closed.  Then, several months later, I read that they were opening a dumpling stall in Krog Street Market.   As I said, […]


From Dahe Yang and chef Jiguo Jiang of Tasty China Jia opened in Ponce City Market last September.   Along with Gu’s Dumplings (which has a much smaller menu – Jia’s refers to its own as a one hundred item menu), these may be the first Szechuan restaurants downtown.   In one of the articles […]


So one day I’m sitting in the office and my boss walks in and says, “have you tried that new Cuban place in Duluth?” My eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas.  He took that as a no.  So a week later, we met for lunch at Armando’s Caribe Grill.  The name didn’t scream […]


I’ve driven by the Rib Ranch for at least twenty years – it’s in a really awkward spot on Canton Highway, just east of I-75 that I am fairly certain that you cannot make a left into when heading east.   Or a right out of when you’re leaving.  There was a write-up about them in […]


On a beautiful Saturday evening, as we were heading back toward home, I tossed out a couple of options for dinner of places that I wanted to try.  The answer was “whichever one is open now”.  At a little before five, from the three choices I gave, the intersection was zero.  But Craft Izakaya did […]


Souper Jenny is another place that has been on my list for a decade.   But the location that put them there, in Buckhead, on West Andrews and only being open for lunch Monday – Saturday made them really hard to get to.   Souper Jenny’s four Atlanta locations are part of Planet Jenny – […]


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