Back in January of this year (2015), Atlanta Magazine published their list of the twenty best burgers in Atlanta.  We’ve made an effort to get to any of these that we hadn’t already had and have five left, as of this morning.   I’ve listed the twenty below and hyperlinked […]


Growing up in the West Atlanta suburbs, we only had one barbecue place that I knew about – Wallace’s in Austell.    It was the only one we ate at, and, as a non-driving child, I could only go where I was taken.  But, occasionally we made a journey to Harold’s (which closed three+ years […]


I first visited Hankook Taqueria back in early July and decided to take my lovely wife back as we headed in town this afternoon.  On the first visit, it was a lone wolf Thursday and I was looking for something quick before heading downtown.  I had heard about them in an article about Atlanta tacos and that […]


Today, we met the newliest-weds of our kids for a meal at Arepa Mia, in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market (thanks, Roger for the info to allow the correction of the name.  Note: If you enjoy this blog, you ought to check out Roger’s, Friday Date Night).  The kids had been to the Decatur location […]


We’ve been working our way through Atlanta Magazine’s list of the twenty best burgers, on and off, since it was published in January.   Tonight, we’re knocking off one of our two remaining places in the top ten, Steinbeck’s Ale House in Oakhurst, tonight.   This selection was based on a combination of location and […]


To preface this post: I’ve followed this story for years and I recap part of that story below.  It has made for a long post, so stick with me.  But if you don’t want to read it all, I’ll cut to the chase – it’s really good.  You should go.   Sometimes you wait a while for […]


Back in January, I saw that Old 4th Ward Pizza had opened in, you guessed it, the Old 4th Ward, in the Irwin Street Market.  They make grandma-style pizza and appear to be the only folks in town making that kind of pizza.  By the name, one would guess that it’s pizza like your grandma […]


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