I had read about Pinewood Tippling Room when it opened in 2012, in the boom of cocktail bars that opened that summer.  What is a “tippling room”, you may ask?  To tipple is “to drink (liquor) especially continuously in small amounts” – making this a place to drink, slowly.  So, it’s  a bar.  A bar […]


La Oaxaquena Tacqueria has been on my “list” since the original paper list that was in the trunk of my car, back in 2006.  But Jonesboro is just not a place that we often get to.  Today, while we were wandering around on the south side of Atlanta, I declared (silently, to myself, in case […]


Recently named the “6th Best Burger” in Atlanta (by Atlanta Magazine), the Original Diner Burger (ODB) was put on my “to try” list right after reading the article.  Heading into town this morning (because it is Saturday and what else would you do) we headed toward Inman Park, sneaking up on The Albert from Little […]


On this trip to DC, I did a little exploring and determined, in advance, where I could make a reservation for dinner that was on one of my lists.  I knew that the top spot on my “to-do” list did not take reservations (Rose’s Luxury), so I looked at other choices.  From the Southern Living […]


After arriving in DC and dropping our bags at the hotel, food was shortly on our mind.  I asked the concierge about restaurants in Chinatown and he gave me two names, both near the metro station.  We saw Ping Pong Dim Sum first, so it “won”.  We’re fond of dim sum – and what could […]


Sitting at home, watching NCAA conference championship weekend, the subject of lunch came up.  I mentioned the excellent chicken tacos my love had enjoyed at El Felix last weekend and that we could get the same things at Superica in about half an hour.  (Superica is Ford Fry’s newest Tex-Mex restaurant, in Krog Street Market, […]


Several years back, we were visiting NYC for the weekend and I was in burger heaven.  As we were getting ready to leave on Sunday morning, I realized that we had time to make a quick run to Shake Shack, just off Times Square.  I enjoyed it at the time, although it paled next to […]


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