We were dining several months back and asked our waiter where he liked to eat when he wasn’t working.  One of his answers surprised me – Ah Ma’s Taiwanese Kitchen, in Midtown.   I wrote down the name (and hid it in my heart).   I had seen it before, but it had never really registered. […]


Pho Dai Loi 2 is another place that has been on “the list” for almost ten years.  Pho Dai Loi (implied 1) is in Jonesboro and there is a Pho Dai Loi 3 in Duluth, but I can’t find anything only that declares an affiliation.  But number “2” is the one that I’ve been supposed […]


On this Saturday, heading across the city, I was craving a burger.  We had not been to the Earl, in close to ten years,.  In fact, we had not been since the WSJ article that proclaimed the glory of Atlanta burgers, crowning the Ghetto Burger at Ann’s Snack Bar the best in the country.  Our […]


Heading out for lunch on lone wolf Thursday, I was looking for something new. I headed down Pleasant Hill Road towards 29, a stretch of road on which I usually don’t drive.  Then I saw the sign above, with a banner underneath it that said that they were now open seven days a week, and […]


Quite a while back (two years, apparently, as I looked for the link), we had a great dinner at Gu’s Bistro and I recommended it to several folks.   Then I heard they closed.  Then, several months later, I read that they were opening a dumpling stall in Krog Street Market.   As I said, […]


From Dahe Yang and chef Jiguo Jiang of Tasty China Jia opened in Ponce City Market last September.   Along with Gu’s Dumplings (which has a much smaller menu – Jia’s refers to its own as a one hundred item menu), these may be the first Szechuan restaurants downtown.   In one of the articles […]


So one day I’m sitting in the office and my boss walks in and says, “have you tried that new Cuban place in Duluth?” My eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas.  He took that as a no.  So a week later, we met for lunch at Armando’s Caribe Grill.  The name didn’t scream […]


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