“You don’t disappoint.”  That’s definitely a good start to a conversation when you get back into the car after a meal. Confession time: I’m fifty years old and have never had dim sum.  As an extremely suburban child, in a town with no Chinese restaurants, it was one of those exotic ideas that you saw […]


Today, we took the name of Scott’s Walk-Up Barbecue to heart, as I thought they were located in a different spot than they actually are.  I proudly wheeled onto Main Street and parked near the Berman (a wonderful museum, if you haven’t been) and hopped out – then couldn’t find the restaurant.  I pulled up […]


As I said in an earlier update from the weekend, when I was a kid I remember there being five grand Georgia barbecue joints: Fresh Air Barbecue (near Jackson); Harold’s Barbecue (Atlanta – closed in the summer of 2012); Melear’s BBQ (Fayetteville – closed in early 2011); Sprayberry’s (Newnan) and Vandy’s Bar-B-Q (Stateboro) We had […]


Ever since I was a kid, even before I knew that I loved barbecue, I knew about Vandy’s Bar-B-Q.  The famed Atlanta writer Lewis Grizzard perpetually claimed they had the best Brunswick stew in the world, and some of the finest barbecue in the state.  This was before there was an internet for all of […]


After stopping at Furniture Liquidators in Forsyth (a great place to find furniture – they buy out hotels that are being renovated and resell those pieces at reasonable prices), we saw the sign for This Little Piggy Bar B Q.  They were about to open as we drove by, so after a fruitless visit to […]


Johnny’s Steaks and Barbecue has been in Powder Springs longer than we have (twenty eight years, for us), and we haven’t eaten there, ever, that I recall.  They went through a period when they weren’t open and then they were open only on weekends.  But they now seem to be open most every day, in […]


Going back to one of my earliest lists (101 Favorite Restaurants, Atlanta Magazine, August, 2006) led us to today’s dining destination, Penang Malaysian Cuisine.  Heading north on Buford Highway from downtown, I originally thought we were going to be able to knock off two spots in one stop, as they both were listed as being […]


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