Today’s adventure began with errand running in Kennesaw, which led to being in the Marietta area for lunch.  I remembered that I had seen a place on the complete opposite corner of the Square from the Butcher and the Baker that served “Breakfast and Lunch”, that I wanted to try, but I couldn’t remember the […]


As the Holiday weekend approached, Grant e-mailed and asked if we were going to be in town for the weekend and might want to meet he and Marie and have dinner.  We compared notes of places that neither had been, and decided on Baraonda Ristorante & Bar.  The name was on my list, but I […]


It was during our visit to the Greater Good in Tucker a couple of weeks back, that we determined exactly where we would have our 4th of July ribs.   You see, ever since the 4th of July rib incident of 2012 (the entire experience is detailed in the footnote to this post), we’ve made plans […]


Housed in the old Atlanta and West Point railroad station, I have seen H Harper Station several times as we headed off the Glenwood Avenue exit toward Memorial over the last couple of years.   And I remember having read about them in several different magazines over the last year, being particularly intrigued by their Kentucky […]


Revolution Doughnuts and Coffee just turned two on National Doughnut Day, according to the “Happy Second Birthday to Us” banner in the restaurant, and we just made it there?  Seriously?  One of my buddies has been talking about them for months.  Maybe more than a year, but we never seemed to be in Decatur before […]


  The first words when we got back into the car after lunch?  “Unlike most barbecue places you take me to, this actually was delicious.”  That’s high praise, being sung shortly after high noon.  After a morning spent walking up and down Stone Mountain, we were ready for lunch and my eyes had been set […]


Arriving in Metairie for a meeting, I was surprised when they asked me what I wanted to do for lunch.  Because, as always, when there was food involved, I did have a plan. Before I left, I looked on my list, for places near where we were going to be, and found Bozo’s in the […]


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