Going back to one of my earliest lists (101 Favorite Restaurants, Atlanta Magazine, August, 2006) led us to today’s dining destination, Penang Malaysian Cuisine.  Heading north on Buford Highway from downtown, I originally thought we were going to be able to knock off two spots in one stop, as they both were listed as being […]


On this rainy Saturday evening, we headed down to Fairburn to meet up with some friends to see “110 in the Shade” at the theater downtown.  They had picked up the tickets for a group of ten of us and we said that we’d meet at Oz Pizza for dinner before the show.  We arrived […]


For the last six months, at the least, everyone has been telling me how good the fried chicken was at Table & Main.  But here’s the thing – you just can’t get to Roswell from our house at any time between 6:00 am – 10:00 pm.  Which really puts a damper on eating there.  Earlier […]


On this Saturday we were looking for some place new for lunch and made our choice based on a combination of availability of reservations and OpenTable ratings.  Lure was in the first 10, rating-wise, and had a spot available, so it was decided.  We arrived around 1:30 to find the valet missing.  We waited a […]


Here’s an admonition about the power of suggestion…. Several months back we were driving up to Cartersville to meet someone for dinner and we passed by this place in the dark and I thought “Hmmm.  I didn’t know there was a barbecue place there”, and made a mental note.  Tonight, when we were looking for […]


Today’s adventure began with errand running in Kennesaw, which led to being in the Marietta area for lunch.  I remembered that I had seen a place on the complete opposite corner of the Square from the Butcher and the Baker that served “Breakfast and Lunch”, that I wanted to try, but I couldn’t remember the […]


When the Trip Advisor article proclaiming Georgia the new barbecue capital came out earlier this year, there were three places listed in the state that I had never heard of.  I made note of all three, and knocked one off the list the last time we were in the north Georgia mountains.  I saw that […]


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