This picture is of the doubles for the four guys at the table behind us

Let me preface this blog post by saying that it’s easier for us to eat in the city of Atlanta than it is to eat in Roswell.  It may actually be easier to eat in Chattanooga or Birmingham.  There’s just not a good way to get there from Paulding County.  It takes FOREVER.  Nevertheless, today […]


Today’s chorus of “looking for lunch in all the wrong places” took me up 120 toward Lawrenceville. Just about to cross 316, I saw Trigos Columbian Restaurant off to my right, made a quick left, then a u-turn and caught the light into their complex.  Trigos is located in a development that’s roughly a third […]


On another lone-wolf Wednesday, my quest for food took me south on Buford Highway.  As I was driving and looking for a place, I recalled having seen Don Pedro (Real Mexican Food) about two weeks ago, while going elsewhere, and the parking lot was absolutely packed.  And packed with trucks (that’s always a good sign).  […]


For Saturday night , we had a change of times for dinner, necessitating a change of locations.   Horseradish Grill won the coin toss.  I’ve known of Horseradish Grill for years but, for whatever reasons,  we’ve never been.  Arriving about 6:30, we were surprised at how empty it was.  And even moreso that we were seated […]


Today’s adventure takes us to the Chat and Choo (See what they did there? Choo versus Chew? It’s across the street from the railroad tracks), downtown in the City of Riches. In case you didn’t know, Villa Rica was the home of Georgia’s first gold rush, in 1826. As we parked and were crossing US […]


Out roaming on my own again at lunch time, I headed up to Suwanee Town Center, thinking that there must be a couple of places there that I had not yet tried.  One of the first “new-to-me” places I saw was Brown Bag Deli & Cafe and my decision was made.  I parked in front […]


After almost a six-mile hike at Kolb Farm, we had worked up quite an appetite.  As we were almost in Marietta, I remembered reading, in the article about Alton Brown’s favorite spots that he was fond of the “super funky soul food” at Manna House.  We were less than ten minutes away from downtown […]


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